Laufen International: Showroom Designs

In 2007 I was the  West Coast Regional Showroom Design Manager with Laufen International at their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, Ca.  I was hired to design and coordinate plans and construction efforts for 6 showroom locations on the West Coast. Prior to my hiring, each location was able to delegate the look, layout and designs of their showrooms.

My role was to provide a modern update to the showrooms, provide consistency, to set the standards of customer service and manage all designers.

Everything you see below was designed, drafted, coordinated and constructed by me specifically for Laufen International’s West Coast showrooms.

The following are pictures of wall displays, standing displays and decor that I selected for each location.

Shellstone Series Brochure

The Shellstone Display: I made it look just like the brochure

The Montana Display

The Palace Display

The Color Series Display

All of the walls in the showrooms were utilized as displays. This is the Artic Display and my regional manager Javier Alba

This is the Avila Display

Side two of the Avila Display

This is the Odeon wall and a section of floor with a Palace Series floor installation. Along the wall is a unique tile display system from Spain where some of my design boards were placed as an “Idea Starter” for customers

This is the front lobby. I added paint colors and decor to give it a better feel.

Lighting was poor in the showroom, this is an example of the lighting before

To better illuminate wall displays, I had track lighting installed. This is the same corner as above but shown After my lighting design

In the showrooms I decided there was a need for a designer or architect table. This is my specification sheet for dimensions and plans to Castle Furniture of L.A for the custom creation of the tables I ordered for each location.

This is a picture of the custom tables I had made.

These pictures below are large display boards that went  into every design center on the West Coast. There are 72 designs total. The purpose of these boards is to display tile lines in ways that give customers ideas for their use.

To give you and idea of how large these boards are, see below…

Here are just a few of the designs I created for these displays…

The Copperstone Collection

The Yosemite Collection with Coarl Glass inserts

The Duomo Collection

The Scavos Collection with Rock Art