In March 2013 I took a full time position at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla as their Facility Design and Construction Project Manager. Below are some snapshots of my design and construction projects during my time at Scripps.

Elevator - Before
This is a picture of our elevators BEFORE I remodeled them.

Elevator after
I had the carpet panels removed and replaced with a granite laminate set horizontally with an accent strip. The handles/rails were upgraded to ADA standards, the light fixtures changed to LEED efficient bulbs and the flooring replaced as well.

This is the fountain located within the main lobby. It had hard water stains, damaged marble as well as missing pieces and the feature itself looked old. We selected a new fixture and I had it faux painted to look like marble. The marble was refinished and the missing pieces were ordered and replaced.

Fountain during
This is the fountain project under way

Fountain containment
This is an example of hospital containment. All projects that create dust or where any possible contaminents can be aerosolized require some type of containment barrier. This particular barrier was constructed of visqueen vinyl sheeting and metal studs to create a box with a ceiling and a negative air scrubbing machine running 24/7

Fountain after
The fountain project completed


My director wanted to create a new feature at the main entrance to our hospital to commemorate the original founder, Ellen Browning Scripps. This is the design I came up with.

Statue Idea 1

Statue placement
This is where we planned to place it, right by the main hospital entry

Statue before

This is the commemorative statue feature installed.

Statue after


This is one of many staff bathrooms on our nurisng floor. As you can see it was in need of some repairs and a facelift as well.

4 W Bath - before

This picture below is the sketch and selections I made to remodel the bathroom. Drywall repairs were needed around the sink and to prevent furture damage I added a 4′ wainscoat wall of 3×6 subway tile. I want to keep this room as light as possible since it is very small yet to hide dirt I selected a dark wood looking laminate flooring. Laminate will also help this small room keep sound echos to a minimum.
Frabotta Staff Bath1

This is a snapshot of the completed bathroom project on 4 West
4 W Bath - after
Ampitheater 1
This is the old Ampitheater – it’s still used daily and many presentations are broadcast to doctors across the world. The orange and yellow velvet seats were old and the flooring was badly stained.

Ampitheater 2

Ampitheater after1
Since the hospital had a very small budget, instead of gutting the room I chose a vinyl material rated NFPA701 and TB133 per the state of California and had the cushins reupholstered. The wood paneling on 3 of the side walls was refinished and on the back wall was removed altogether to prevent echos during presentations. It was the face lift it needed.

Ampitheater after2
The carpet was selected in color tones that would span the tests of time (and hopefully stains).

ICU Waiting Room Design Board
This is the design board I created for remodeling our ICU Waiting Room.

As you can see in the pictures below, the existing ICU Waiting Room was in pretty bad shape.
ICU Right - Before

ICU Left - Before

The design plan and funds were approved in July and construction began soon there after.
ICU Waiting Rm - During Construction

For a little over 15k we were able to replace the flooring, paint all walls, install a new TV mounted to the wall, install new draperies with an additional drapery covering the roof access door and I had all of the furniture re-finished and re-upholstered. Finished it all off with blue accent lamps and an abstract beachy decor theme. Came out nice!

ICU Waiting Room - After1

ICU Waiting Room - After2

ICU Waiting Room -After3

At Scripps Green Hospital in the main lobby there is a chapel. I was asked to remodel a small section of the chapel to provide a non-denominational area for patrons that did not feel comfortable otherwise. Since there is a big stained glass piece inside the chapel I figured it would be best to create another piece of stained glass to go with it. I had the walls cut and recessed, I had LED string lights wrapped around behind the glass to mimic the existing stained glass lighting and I had the bench custom made to match the existing spiral leg chairs that reside inside the chapel – I contrasted the existing red chairs with this beautiful blue, tufted fabric with nail head trim on the ball and claw foot bench.

Chapel - After

ARTWORK REPLACEMENT: When I first started I noticed artwork throughout the Clinic and Hospital on campus was very old, outdated and drab so I came up with a plan to replace it all and started as soon as I could. Below are pictures of some replacements and what a difference they made!

Artwork - Before

Artwork - After

During my time here at Scripps I completed PLENTY of remodels – converting offices to labs, exam rooms to conference rooms and reconfiguring various other spaces for alternate uses as well. Some of my BIGgest achievements however, are major flooring replacements because they require the most attention to detail, the most coordination and the most safety and infection procedures put into place. Its impossible to shut down a facility that operates 24/7 but somehow I made each remodel work and not only work but work well and come out beautifully as well.

Check it out for yourself! Here are pictures of the 3rd & 4th Floors BEFORE: As you can see there was really old sheet vinyl and carpet in the corridors…

3N Flooring Replacement - Before

Here are the AFTER pictures: Working within containment we moved section by section closing no more than 6-7 patient rooms at a time and relocating various equipment as needed. It sure was tricky! But, the end result is wonderful! No more carpet and an excellent luxury vinyl tile with borders and medallions make it sparkle!

For the first floor, since this is the busiest floor with the most traffic and heavy machinery being pushed around, I decided this floor needed a heavier duty product. Also, since the floors have moisture issues I went with a product that would take a beating AND prevent flooring damage from moisture and selected Nora Rubber Flooring, specifically the Environcare product line with NTX backing.

Here are the 1st Floor Before Pics!

Here is the 1st Floor Plan I created in AutoCAD

1st Floor Pic

And here is the completed product! 1st Floor AFTER pics: