The Gift Shop is located inside the Main Lobby of Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla California.

The windows were covered with lattice and it didnt stand out as an inviting space. The interior was outdated with green laminate, old carpet and was poorly lit.

There was a lot to be done. I started plans for this project in 2015 and it was finally funded by a very generous donor in 2017.

Here are pictures BEFORE the remodel:
Gift Shop Exterior2Gift Shop Exterior1Resized_20170310_095453Resized_20170310_095432IMG_5594

Here is my Conceptual Design Board:

My initial concept started with opening the space and making the Gift Shop more inviting with a modern feel. I immediately saw an opportunity with removing lattice from the windows to allow better product visibility both inside and out.

I wanted to remove the two exterior walls altogether and instead install sliding or folding glass doors however due to hospital restrictions, I had to find an alternate way to open the space so instead opted for new, modern looking, glass storefront doors and relocating the cooler.

Inside the Gift Shop I had the flooring replaced to match existing flooring in the adjacent main lobby. I then had all green laminate casework re-laminated with Tuscan Walnut which provided a modern update and also matched casework in other areas of the lobby. (Bye Bye 70’s Green!!)

For candy and magazines I designed a tiered cabinet to showcase product displayed on each level – I wanted the cabinet to look like displays I have seen at airports and make it easier for customers to find what they want and hold all these items in one place.

For the cash register – the old setup was two small for staff and didnt allow enough space for two registers so, I opened it up, made the counter at a 90 degree angle which allowed more space behind and added a 2nd register location.

For jewelry I designed a locking glass case which was built-in to the existing casework.

All in all, I am very pleased with this remodel and have heard nothing but rave reviews from customers as well as the staff.

Its projects like these that I love because I get to use my design abilities to remodel/transform a drab public space into a work-space of art!!!