333 Alturas ReModel

The owner of this property contracted with me to remodel the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The living room had wood paneling from floor to ceiling on the eastern wall, with the fireplace. And inbetween the living room and dining room there was a built-in cabinet to separate the two rooms. And the kitchen had dark brown, old looking cabinets, formica on the counters and needed more space for appliances.

The owner is a single, young male and has two large dogs. He is a hunter and enjoys the outdoors and wants to reflect this in his remodel. We have a budget of $6,000 and a 3 month timeline.

Here is the Living Room during the remodel….

I contracted with Bachle Construction to remove the wood paneling and cabinetry from the wall, and since there was extra wall space in the entrance to the kitchen, we decided to expand the walkway knocking out some of the wall as well. We decided that a neutral color scheme would be the best bet for this home and decided to add bright white crown molding throughout the main rooms and hallways.

I found a nice vintage leather looking sofa in a dark khaki color that fit well with the rustic look and a nice entertainment center in a rich cherry color to accent the other wood pieces throughout the home.  We framed some animal art prints and enlarged photos of the owners military journey and framed all in cherry frames as well. And to finish the look, decoratively placed two large animal heads on the eastern wall.

Here is the living room after the remodel…

In the kitchen I decided to keep the existing cabinets as this would save money, and just refinish them. We cleaned and sanded all cabinets and doors then primered them before adding the final coat and for decorative purposes, added 1″ molding to the tops of the cabinets. On the northern facing cabinets in the kitchen, I had a 2×3 cut-out inserted where two large cabinets doors were in order to permanently place an inserted microwave therefore allowing for extra countertop space. And to finish the look, had granite slab installed, selected brushed nickle cabinet knobs, new brushed nickle contemporary lighting and faux painted the walls.

Here is the Kitchen before….

Here is the kitchen after the remodel….