Canepa Residence

Miss. Canepa lives in a second story loft in San Francisco, Ca. She has no pets, no children and a job that sends her out-of-town often.

Miss. Canepa’s taste is quite eclectic yet subtle and slightly modern but her home did not reflect her and she needed my assistance. With a budget of $5,000 dollars and a deadline of one month, I had to act fast.

Her Entry was bare and cluttered….

Her living room has beautiful bay windows but were covered up by her sofa…

The long rectangular walls in the living room were empty and the light in the room was very dim.

And the entertainment area needed an update and emanated an unorganized feeling…

After measurements were taken we hit the stores in San Francisco. There are many places to see and we gathered a lot of ideas.

After two weeks of internet research and shopping trips, we finalized the selections and began the purchasing process. As furniture arrived I met with Miss Canepa to coordinate the placement of all the items and oversee construction efforts. We hired a local handyman to patch some damage on the plaster walls, assemble the entertainment center, relocate a few electrical switches and hang pictures properly into the old plaster walls of this San Francisco home.

A lot of Miss Canepas current decorations could be re-used to save money as nothing was wrong with them. In the entry we moved an electrical switch into the office to hide cluttered cording, re-used a night stand as an entry cabinet, placed vases for decor on top of it and decided to make the room inviting for guests by adding a collage of personal pictures in different sized frames on each wall for extra character.

In the living room we had some very long walls to work with. On the northern facing wall we placed the entertainment center so when watching television one could see through to other rooms in the house providing open conversation from any room.

On the eastern facing wall, in front of her beautiful bay windows, we removed and sold her old, bulky sofa and purchased a colorful, armless side chair. The chair was placed diagonally to add spice along with reflecting a sense of Miss Canepa’s style from the color and gave the eye a more open, warm and inviting feel. And to compliment her beautiful white shutters and to emphasize the bay window area and tie the eclectic orange color into the room we added two very large, bright white, vases with a touch of faux Birds of Paradise.

On the southern wall is where we placed the overstuft, comfortable & modern, microfiber sofa with eclectic toss pillows. On both sides of the sofa we placed lamps to add light into the room and recycled some existing decor as decorations on the wall.

To give the clutter a sense of organization we cleaned up the bookshelf area and added decorative pieces on the book shelves. And to attract more natural light into the room we added a large standing mirror on the western wall. This mirror also gave the eye a reflection of the beautiful bay window from anywhere in the room and also provided a sensation  that the room was much bigger.

All designs were completed within the budget and were completed approximately 5 days before the deadline. Miss Canepa was thrilled and her guests were too!

Here is a shot of the finished living room…